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The Shuna is our most popular high angle touring paddle. It’s powerful yet light weight and durable and great for active or relaxed paddling. The mid size blades fit a wide range of kayakers and are versatile and easy to use during advanced maneuvers or all around touring.

Blade Length & Width

Surface Area

Weight for Straight Shaft (220cm)

Weight for Neutral Bent Shaft (220cm)

46 x 18 cm

610 cm2



  • Mid size blades with a powerful stroke
  • Versatile for aggressive or more relaxed paddling styles
  • Slight dihedral to smoothly link strokes
  • Light swing weight reduces fatigue
  • The most popular High Angle touring design
  • Highly visible translucent colors: Amber, Orange and Red
  • Standard or small shaft size options are available
  • Lengths available 205cm to 220cm in 5cm increments (custom poa)
  • Available in full Performance Carbon

Also: With the lightweight adjustable ferrule system, you will be able to change the feathering of your blades in 15 degree increments from right-hand through to left-handed configuration. This feature is characteristic of the two and four piece paddles.

Below are the range of paddle options available when you purchase your Werner Shuna:




2 piece Straight Shaft - Fibreglass



2 piece Bent Shaft - Fibreglass



2 piece Straight Shaft - Carbon 205/210/215/220 $640
2 piece Bent Shaft - Carbon 205/210/215/220 $777

To order, simply click on "Add to Cart" and enter the TOTAL number of Paddles you desire. Please specify CONSTRUCTION & SIZE specifics in the "Comments/Delivery Instructions" box once you proceed to the Checkout screen.  Thank you.


Paddle Freight Policy: We can freight paddles all over Australia, however due to the size of paddles we can not quote freight for internet orders via the website. Each quote is calculated on an individual case depending on paddle size, weight, and destination. When you place an order via our website, we will contact you to discuss freight options and costs. We will always endeavour to provide you with the cheapest freight price available to us. Should you wish to discuss freight, please feel free to contact us.