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Canoe Seat Systems


( Available in two sizes......large base & small base)

Some paddlers and fishermen like a little added comfort whilst on the water and the ability to swivel to retrieve a rod or to comfortably operate the motor whilst maintaining a supportive seating position. The solution is the swivel seat!

For added comfort, manouverability and functional motoring the swivel seat provides back support and a comfortable seat base, it swivels 45 degrees, so weather fishing or motoring this accessory is a must if you plan to spent some time in the craft

The Profile Seat Shell was born out of a need for additional features in a durable folding seat. With its bullet proof design and heavy duty construction, these seats might even outlast you. Not just durable, but comfortable as well, the Profile features a double contoured seat pan that eliminates pressure points.

Additional features found in the Profile Seat Shell are an exclusive No-Pinch hinge design, which eliminates accidents of pinching fingers, dog tails, etc.

There is also a built in lock that can be engaged when the seat is folded down. This prevents unwanted blow up of the seat back when running to your favorite fishing spot.

The quick disconnect mount allows the seat to swivel on a low profile corrosion proof disk and provides for even more functionality by making the seat easy to remove for transport or storage or to be used in another location in the boat.


Seat Material: UV Stable Plastic with vinyl upholseterd padding

Swivel Mount Material: Stainless Steel - inc bearings

Base Material: 3mm Alloy  

Suits: Bass Catcher series-2 sizes (small & large base) 


Seat Freight Policy: We can freight seats all over Australia, however due to the size of the seats we can not quote freight for internet orders via the website. Each quote is calculated on an individual case depending on seat size, weight, and destination. When you place an order via our website, we will contact you to discuss freight options and costs. We will always endeavour to provide you with the cheapest freight price available to us. Should you wish to discuss freight, please feel free to contact us.