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Canoe Sailing Kits


Designed to fit all Rosco canoes from 14 to 20ft including the Bass Catcher and Bass Catcher X-stream models, the Rosco sail rig is available factory installed.

Featuring an aluminium mast and boom, stainless steel goose neck, and Ronstan cam cleat adgustment mechanisn and all fittings with a profesionally designed and manufactured sail, this rig is light weight and efficient.


Custom designed canoe sail 

Manufactured to the highest quality standards our sail rigs stand the test of time.

Featuring double ripstop material and specific reinforcing, this traditional sail rig will have you flying downwind in no time.

(Sail colours may vary depending on batch, please enquire)  

Canoe mast & boom kit

The fundamentals of a good sail rig is always a solid mast and boom.

Ours features oversized tubular alloy and stainless steel fittings designed in profile with our custom canoe sail.

The backbone of the complete rig, the mast section, dismantles into two easily stowable sections for transport.

Canoe mast step

Our heavy duty canoe mast step features a tough tobular alloy construction, rubber bushing and a base mounting plate suitable for permernantly glassing in to fibregass canoes or can be adhesive bonded to Royalex canoes.

It also doubles as a pergola umbrella stand in your canoe or  mount 2, one either side of the canoe to create a secure removable bimeny mount for those sunny days with no wind!

This unit is either glassed in (fibreglass canoes) or adhesive bonded to Royalex canoes and requires 2 stainless steel pop rivets to attach the top mount to the thwart system.Ronstan cam cleat and thwart mounting fittings 

Heavy duty Ronstan Cam cleat and stainless steel thwart monting fittings.

Used to adjust the tension of the sail rig featuring a smooth easy to use cleat design that is easy to release under pressure if required.  


Total Sail Area: 2.3 m2  

Mast Height in use: 3m

Mast Height Dismantled: 1.5m

Boom Length: 1.5m



Note: Sail kit not suitable for all canoe brands. 

Installation and fitings are designed for and apply to Rosco canoes only, for any other brands and alternative fitout requirements please contact our staf to duscuss your options.



(Price includes complete installation and all fittings required)