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Canoe Outrigger Kits


Designed specifically to suit Rosco craft these canoe outrigger kits are tough, lightweight, easy to install and remove when launching and retrieving your craft, taking just minutes to assemble and attach and requiring no tools in the process.

Featuring a unique canoe specific hydrodynamic float design profiled to allow This float design has been in production for many years and is a popular size and material for commercial hire operators, schools and recreational users that are tough on equipment or using them in shallow rocky conditions.

These truly are the best outrigger kits available.





2 X Single Plastic Outrigger float

Rosco plastic canoe outrigger floats feature a hydrodynamic design depth profiled for minimum drag yet maximum support, designed to suit specific canoe models. More info>>

2 X Double Outrigger Pole Sections

Double canoe outrigger pole set designed to accommodate two single outrigger floats. The oversized alloy tubing provides a lightweight yet exceptionally strong support. More Info>>

4 X Outrigger Thwart Clamps  

Stainless steel figure eight canoe outrigger clamps designed to securely mount our canoe outrigger tubes to the canoes existing thwart system providing a strong balanced load bearing point. Simple to mount and easy to adjust. More Info>>





This float size is depth profiled to suit:

  • Chief Royalex 15ft canoe 
  • Bass Catcher Estuary canoe
  • 18ft Fibreglass canoe

They will fit all other models but may create unnecessary drag.

The reason we depth profile our floats is to ensure minimum whetted surface area under normal motoring or paddling conditions providing less drag and therefore a faster craft overall with stability when required.

The important consideration when deigning an efficient outrigger float is to consider the canoe height loaded and unloaded and ensure the depth profile is suited to all situations providing support when required but not increasing the drag and therefore slowing the craft down.





Suits: 15ft Chief Royalex Canoe & Bass Catcher Estuary Canoe

Float Length: 200cm

Float Beam:  17cm

Float Depth:  25cm

Pole Section Length: 300cm

Tube Diameter: 40mm

Total Kit Weight: 15.5kgs

Mount Spacing (Center to Center):  90cm

Material: Polyethylene plastic

Canary Yellow, Signal Red, Forest Green

Colours available:

(please specify colour selection and craft type on order)   


Outrigger Freight Policy: We can freight outriggers all over Australia, however due to the size of the outriggers we can not quote freight for internet orders via the website. Each quote is calculated on an individual case depending on outrigger size, weight, and destination. When you place an order via our website, we will contact you to discuss freight options and costs. We will always endeavour to provide you with the cheapest freight price available to us. Should you wish to discuss freight, please feel free to contact us.