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Secondhand Craft & Equipment

At Rosco Canoes and Kayaks we often encounter situations where customers already own a craft or equipment but their interests and therefore needs change, and they are looking to upgrade to a different style of craft or require different equipment. We accommodate their needs be accepting trade-ins on specific craft and equipment packages and offer these items for sale to the public through our showroom at heavily reduced prices - allowing you to find the bargain you were looking for and ensuring our customers have the flexibility to adapt their craft and equipment to their specific needs without going through the hassle of private sale. 

A win, win on all counts wouldn't you say!!

Secondhand Craft/Clearance


We have 2x Nifty 385 kayaks for sale; 1x white, 1x orange. Both are in excellent condition. These compact little kayaks are great for paddling in rivers, lakes, dams, estuaries or coastal waters. They are suitable for all skill levels. Stable, easy to manouevre and capable of handling waves, the Nifty 385 is a great all round kayak. Fitted with a rudder and 2x storage hatches, they are great value for money!! $799 each.
Length:      385m
Weight:      23kg
Width:      65cm
Material:      polyethylene
This used sea kayak is in excellent condition. Fast, responsive and stable, the Squall GTS is a great all-round sea kayak with reliable performance in calm or rough conditions.
Length:      5.03m
Weight:      26kg
Width:      56cm
Material:      polyethylene plastic


secondhand equipment

We do understand that buying a secondhand craft and equipment over the internet can be difficult. If you require any further information please contact our staff directly via phone or email (please be succinct) or drop by the showroom in order to view the craft or equipment in person to ensure it is exactly what you are looking for.