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Racing Kayaks

Leave your competitors in your wake!
The kayak racing circuit is made up of several disciplines that have expanded to encompass adventure racing, flat water sprinting, sea kayak racing, surf skis & marathons. These kayaks are generally sleek with a long waterline that offers exceptional hull speed. Available in a range of materials from the affordable polyethylene range through to the impressively lightweight carbon fibre deluxe models.  Your choice of competition will determine the type of craft most suitable for your use.

Craft Freight Policy: We can freight craft all over Australia, however due to the size of the craft we can not quote freight for internet orders via the website. Each quote is calculated on an individual case depending on craft size, weight, and destination. When you place an order via our website, we will contact you to discuss freight options and costs. We will always endeavour to provide you with the cheapest freight price available to us. Should you wish to discuss freight, please feel free to contact us.


Paddling Perfection Tribear
Length:      5.4
Weight:      17
Width:      56
Material:      FG
“A highly recognised sea kayak and a proven performer.” The Raider XTL offers additional performance over Raider X with reduced weight and beautiful sleek lines, this is a must for anybody who wants a sea kayak with racing qualities.
This competition spec kayak is ideal for training for personal fitness or as a racing kayak to compete in club events. Featuring a light weight construction, exceptional hull speed and balance make it both a pleasure and a performer.
Length:      4.57m
Weight:      11kg-14kg
Width:      61cm