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Great news regarding regarding your impending move, as due to myself living at Coorparoo, having you guys just down the road at Woolloongabba will now be very handy.


Plus with now being in a more central location for the greater population of Brisbane people will also work very well I believe, coupled with a another long established & well respected company like Goodtime as well. 


So I am simply excited for you all as I believe it is an excellent move all round.....


Then while I am emailing you guys here, I just thought that I would share with you some pictures of just some of the fun that I have personally been having with your products over recent times.....




Yep I did manage to squeeze in a huge amount of gear into my Tidemark XP on a camping trip up the Noosa River from Harry's Hut.


It was amazing what I was able to squeeze into every nook & cranny, plus we then struggled lifting her into the water as well....




Tidemarks everywhere on Green Island, just like soldier crabs I guess??




I think I need to also look at relocating my showroom? Or you may like to call it your Coorparoo outlet??


Time for a sea kayak there as well I reckon....




A few more Rosco's getting unloaded on a great trip we did down the mighty Clarence River in three days, from Copmanhurst to the mouth at Yamba.


We overnighted in Grafton & Lawrence & had a really great time & the total paddle was around 120k's




Easter time on beautiful Peel Island.......


Keep the good work up & all the best. 




David Paynter



Rosco Basscatcher


Before returning to the north coast from Brisbane I spent many hours researching the type of craft most suitable for our needs. The main criteria were:

  • No heavy lifting;
  • The ability to paddle it;
  • Be able to sail it;
  • Powered by a small outboard;
  • Be comfortable to fish out of

We have over 60km of waterways around the Noosa area, mostly shallow & I believe we now have the ideal craft.

I purchased a Basscatcher 500 from Rosco Canoes with all the accessories, including a galvanised trailer, which Ross organsied for me. The Basscatcher slide off and winches on, as easy as.

The boat comes with two paddles as standard, and paddles well in calm conditions. Upwind in windy condition and waves the high side and flared bow affect the performacne somewhat. That's what the outboards for anyway.

To my greatest joy (being a competitive sailor), just bolt on the outriggers, stand up the twin mast and sail set-up, slot in the rudder and you have a canoe that is a pleasure to sail. The twin set-up has many merits. The helm steers easily and is balanced from 90° to the wind to head downwind. When the front sail is blanketed from the rear sail when running downwind, just pop it out the other side and run goosewinged. Also in heavy conditions, just stow the front mast and keep sailing.

A recent trip to Bjelke-Petersen Dam saw us fishing with little success, but the 360° swivelling comfy chairs meant this was not a problem at all.

If you're looking for a boat that can do it all in protected waterways, I would recommend having a look at the Basscatcher 500.




Rosco Caninghi


Being an avis fisherman I'm always looking for new ways to target fish. Big fish inhabit shallow waters of Moreton Bay. I was looking for a quiet stable fishing platform that I could paddle.

That's when I came across the Caninghi. A unique looking vessel, like a canoe on steroids. It looks stable, ahs plenty of storage, adjustable seating positions, wheels for transport, a depth sounder and an electric motor can be fitted but most importantly it is light & strong and can be very easily paddled.

On the water the Caninghi was very stable, I am a big guy and could move about freely! Casting a rod wasn't a problem at all! Paddling along long distances with camaping gear would be easy.

The Caninghi is the ultimate stealth weapon for fishing the shallow estary, lakes, rivers and dams.



Thank you Rosco!


When we started our canoeing adventure, we never thought it was going to be so much fun!

All of this because we started with the right “company”.

In  short , Rosco ticked all the boxes - to provide us...not only with a canoe, but with everything to do with a canoe!!

It was the whole experience that made it something wonderful, from beginning to end….

  • An up to date website
  • A demo day where we could try the canoe before purchasing
  • The friendly and  efficient Marjon, who took our booking for the demo day, and who made sure the canoe we were interested in was there.
  • At the demo day we were able to look at a selection of canoes and were provided with advice from friendly Allana
  • She also gave us  instructions on how to “row”…..oh no , I was taught very early - it is called paddle :-)
  • Then we made our decision - and this wasn’t easy because we wanted a portable roof rack, canoe to seat 3, wheels, straps, paddles….and all this at a down to earth price….and guess what? Allana did it!
  • The next step was to pick the canoe up from the shop. We were met at the shop by  Katie who had already been informed by Allana what we were after and had it all ready.
  • She took her time in providing us with free instructions on all equipment and their use.
  • We did not know how we would ever be able to get the canoe onto our Tarago. Katie made it a breeze to put the roof rack on the Tarago, and just as easy to put the canoe on. This was our biggest fear.
  • When the straps were too short, she swapped them with longer ones - free of charge.

So when we left Rosco’s we were so happy and grateful that we met these people, because they felt more like family than sales people.

We are now three very happy ‘Paddlers "and enjoying every minute out on the water.     - Thank you Rosco!!



My wife, daughter and our dog!                              My daughter's photo of the beautiful sunset!


We love our new canoe!





As we told you when we visited the U-Beaut Paddles (which really

are U-beaut!) are great and we are very happy with our purchase

of the Packhorse.  Thany you all, once again for your helpful and

friendly service and we're sure we'll be popping into your store

in the future.


Jon & Claire