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Brisbane River Run 2015

Brisbane River Trip with Ian and Syd

"Here we go..."


Dan and Marjon from the Showroom were lucky enough to do a down river run recently

with local guides Ian 'Hooksie' Cole and Syd 'Captain Stealth' Mainland.  The crew

put in at Burton's Bridge and paddled down river to Kohlo Bridge (about 22km).


This is a great stretch of the Brisbane River and is easily paddled by anyone with basic

paddling skills.  It is also one of the most scenic stretches, combining short easy rapids

with long scenic pools overlooked by cliffs and gum trees.  Signs of habitation are rarely

seen and it feels as though you are at times miles from civilisation.  In fact, the opposite

is really the case, with our put in point being less than an hours drive from our Kedron



The guys took along a variety of boats from Whitewater Play Boats to 15' Canoes,

apparently this was with 'research' in mind.  Each type had its strengths but all proved

to be capable of providing an enjoyable and comfortable ride down the river.  Hats off to

Hooksie who went for the best of both worlds, carrying his white water kayak on top of

his 15' canoe!!  Our recommendation for first timers would definitely be to look at a 12'

plastic sit in style kayak like a Tsunami or Pungo from Wilderness Systems.  They provided

great stability on the moving water, economy of paddling effort on the long flat sections

and excellent comfort overall.


Most importantly we learnt just how easy it is to get on and off this beautiful river.  We put

our boats in under Burton's and pulled out at Kohlo Bridge.  It really couldn't have been easier

with car access to within 50m of the launch site in each case.  The paddle length whilst

perhaps a bit long for most novices, will be easily done in a day by paddlers with reasonable

fitness levels and ability.


Long story short, there is no excuse - just GET OUT THERE AND DO IT !!!


Happy Paddling everyone :)



 "The Guide - Hooksie"                                 "Captain Stealth"



 The Crew Under the Bridge                         "Ange Did It!!!!"


 "Scooby the Boat-Hopping Dog"                   "Marjon ducking a branch"

 "Eagle with an Eel"