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Royalex (RX)
Rosco Royalex (RX)

Royalex... naturally tough, flexible, and buoyant providing supreme durability with exceptional performance.

Royalex® is a highly durable canoe material that is strong, flexible, and abrasion-resistant. Rosco Canoes were the first manufacturers in Australia pioneering the use of Royalex® in canoe manufacturing. Lighter, tougher, stiffer, multi-layered, oven-fired Royalex® is the choice when durability matters most. Royalex material has no peer in shrugging off submerged rocks, hard landings or careless handling and its Low maintenance too…what more could you want?

Many canoe manufacturers, it seems, feel that toughness alone is enough to make a canoe saleable, so they devote little attention to achieving lightness or performance. We take a different approach. For more than 35 years, we've built a reputation upon canoes that are lighter, stronger and perform better than others of similar type...Our Royalex canoes are no exception.

A Rosco Canoe is designed first to meet paddling goals. To create our Royalex models, we began with proven hull designs that we had already perfected while building them as composite canoes. In some cases, duplicating those shapes using Royalex was a challenge. But we have succeeded, and the result is that our Royalex hulls are sleeker and more-efficient than is typical. While our Royalex models don't quite match the performance of our composite versions, they are much more rewarding to paddle than polyethylene canoes from other manufacturers.

Royalex® sheets are custom-made in a process that combines sheets of vinyl, ABS, and foam and then vulcanizes them together. The Royalex® sheet starts out as a flat sheet, which is then thermo-formed. During heating, the core expands, forming closed-cell flotation within the hull. At the proper temperature, the sheet is removed and placed on a platform, the mold is lowered on top of it, and the sheet is vacuum-drawn into the hull shape. This unique process creating a hull with outstanding strength, internal flotation and a tough and slippery vinyl skin.

Royalex is lighter than roto-molded polyethylene, far quieter and "warmer" than aluminum, and virtually maintenance free. Each canoe’s sheet construction is different; the exact placement of reinforcing ABS and foam reflects the requirements of that individual model.

Our Royalex canoes are durable, to be sure, but we aren't content for that to be their only attraction. When you select a Rosco Royalex canoe, you get performance and lightness that exceed the norm, and you also get the high durability of Royalex material.

How we add strength instead of weight:

It's easy to make a canoe tough... just pile on more material to build it (typical of most roto-molded polyethylene canoe manufacturers). The trouble is that also makes it heavy. We employ two methods to make our Royalex hulls stronger while keeping their weight to a minimum.

1.) Selective Reinforcing
Our Royalex® is not the same as other canoe manufacturers’, we put extra layers of materials in valuable areas of the hull, but not where it just bulks up the weight. Each Rosco Royalex model has an individually-engineered plan of added internal reinforcing in the bow, bilge and stern… all the places that are prone to impact or abrasion.
Royalex is a very durable material for canoes, and our construction methods improve upon the resilience of Royalex itself. We build in plenty of strength where it's needed... but we don't add even one ounce of useless weight.

2.) Light-weight Trim
We’ve designed our own special vinyl gunwales that deliver expedition durability but which are lighter than others. We can put more material in the hull to strengthen it because we save an equivalent weight in the trim.
Although you can't see it from the outside, Royalex is not a simple, homogenous material such as polyethylene and most other plastics used to make canoes. Royalex itself is an engineered construction of multiple layers of various materials which are carefully chosen and fused together to create the desired performance characteristics. The Royalex diagram shows the intricacy of our Royalex hulls. All the reinforcing is internal and, as the diagram shows, isn't visible externally. 

The diagram above is a conceptual portrayal of the Royalex material.

1.) layer 1 - Exterior pigmented vinyl outer skin give a Royalex canoe its color, protects it against abrasion, and repel UV rays. If you scratch a Royalex hull, you will reveal a different color, and that is because the interior layers are made of differing materials than the skins.

2.) layer 2 - ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) substrate layers inside the exterior vinyl skin give great strength to the hull, and give high resistance to impacts and provide additional stiffness.

3.) layer 3 - In the center, a closed-cell, ABS expanded-foam core gives excellent structural rigidity, and makes the canoe naturally buoyant. We do not put separate flotation tanks in Royalex models because the material itself will float.

4.) layer 4 - Royalex includes another internal layer of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) substrate layers inside the interior vinyl skin to increase the strength and stiffnessof the hull, and give additional resistance to impacts. 

1.) layer 5 - Interior pigmented vinyl inner skin give a Royalex canoe its internal color, protects it against abrasion, and repels UV rays.This interior vinal skin provides a durable non glare interior surface that ensures each Royalex canoe is as tough on the inside as it is on the hull.

If you would like any further information please dont hesitate to ask our staff and enquire about a Royalex material sample if you would like to see for yourself how Royalex compares to the competition. 

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