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Fishing Canoes


Australia pioneers this NEW style of craft. A blend of small boat and canoe, these craft offer more stability and a square transom for the addition of an electric or outboard motor. The Bass Catcher models now come in three sizes and offer the fisherman a host of custom fitted accessories from outriggers, fish finder mounts, rod holders and deluxe swivel seats to sails.

Craft Freight Policy: We can freight craft all over Australia, however due to the size of the craft we can not quote freight for internet orders via the website. Each quote is calculated on an individual case depending on craft size, weight, and destination. When you place an order via our website, we will contact you to discuss freight options and costs. We will always endeavour to provide you with the cheapest freight price available to us. Should you wish to discuss freight, please feel free to contact us.

Lightweight and stable. This canoe will leave sit-on-tops in its wake, whilst still being the stable platform needed.
Length:      4.02m
Weight:      20 kg
Width:      88cm
Material:      Fibreglass
Fishing couldn`t be simpler. Transport and access to the water is the hardest part of a day...now that is no issue with the lightweight and easily transportable Bass Catcher Canoe, designed by fisherman for fisherman.
Length:      4.3m
Weight:      32kg
Width:      95cm
Material:      Fibreglass
The Bass Catcher 500 is the largest fishing canoe design in the popular Bass Catcher series. Its larger hull and flared bow is ideal for light bay and estuary conditions.
Length:      4.63m
Weight:      42kg
Width:      100cm
Material:      Fibreglass