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Last year, we sold more canoes than kayaks!  Paddlers are enjoying the versatility of canoes and like the comfortable seating positions, the easy ways to get in and out, the large carrying capacity and the easy accessibility of gear.  Perfect for fishing, camping trips, fun with the kids and even canoedling, we reckon the canoes are making a comeback!!  And to answer our most asked questions about canoes: Yes! you can tranpsort them on your roof racks!!  It is easier than you think.

The Rosco canoe range has 12 different Rosco models and a few imported plastic models. To make the choice easier for you we have put together a quick overview.

You can find out more information and look at photographs on our 'canoes' page on this website. Of course, nothing beat seeing the canoes in our showroom where you can also have a chat with out team members.


Number One selling canoe- the Chief Royalex












Our most popular canoe by far is the Chief Royalex.   The Chief (15ft, 4.65m) is made from a tough yet lightweight material (32kg) and has a large carrying capacity.  It is used by families, fishermen, campers, expeditioners, schools, scouts and white water enthusiasts.  The Chief can handle low water level rivers with rocks and is stable and easy to control.  The Chief can be fitted with a sail, motor, outriggers and a built-in or drop-in middle seat.


Smallest & lightest canoe- the Scamper













Our smallest and lightest canoes are the Scamper Solo (one seat, 20kg) and the Scamper Duo (two seats, 23kg).  Designed for shorter trips without taking much gear, the Scamper canoes are easy to carry, portage and transport.  These canoes appeal to paddlers who have used heavy canoes in the past and know how annoying it can be to get them from and to the water.  Great for older paddlers, kids, couples and fishermen who like to keep things simple.  The Scamper canoes are very stable (you can stand up and paddle), easy to manouvre with plenty of glide and definitely not a bathtub! Ever since we launched the Scamper, we have not sold many 14ft anymore, which was not nearly as stable as the Scamper). The Scamper can be paddled with traditional single-bladed canoe paddles or a kayak paddle (oftern preferred by solo paddlers). You can fit a sail and/or a small motor, rod holders and a clip on backrest for more support.


All-round canoe - the Rosco 15ft














The Rosco 15ft canoe is the original and fibreglass canoe the Chief was modelled on.  Our customers often choose between these two canoes.  The main difference is the performance on the water.  The 15ft fibreglass canoe glides through the water easier and is 2kg lighter than the Chief.  If you will be paddling in deep water, the 15ft canoe would be a great choice for general paddling.  The Chief has a larger carrying capacity and can be paddled is different waterways, but is a bit slower through the water.  The 15ft canoe can be fitted with a sail, motor mount and motor (electric or outboard), outriggers, rodholders and a middle seat (built-in or drop-in).


Long distance/superior tracking canoe- the Rosco 16ft 















The Rosco 16ft canoe looks absolutely gorgeous with beautiful curves and a long keel that stretches all along the hull.  The 16ft is the choice for paddlers who will be doing longer distances because the keel improves the tracking ability.  Not as stable as the 15ft canoe, but still stable enough for novice paddlers, the 16ft canoe glides gracefully through the water and makes paddling feel very easy.  The 16ft canoe can be fitted with a sail, motor mount and motor (electric or outboard), outriggers, rod holders and a middle seat (built-in or drop-in).


Longer distances/larger families- the Rosco 18ft


Just a bit longer and with the same beautiful curves and build as the 16ft, the 18ft canoe is the canoe for adventurers, paddlers who like to cover longer distances easier or families who need a bit more space.  We sell more 16ft canoes than 18ft canoes and it usually comes down to the fact that the 16ft is a bit easier to carry and transport then the 18ft canoe.  The 18ft can be fitted with a sail, motor mount and motor (electric or outboard), outriggers, rodholders and 1x or 2x middle seats (built-in or drop-in).


Expeditions or commercial- the Rosco 20ft


Although we get lots of enquiries about the Rosc 20ft canoe (standard or transom), we only make a few per year.  This is because the 20ft canoe is huge and once we start talking to people they realise the 18ft or 16ft will be better for their intended use and easier to manage.  Commercial operators love the 4 seater 20ft canoe and we have shipped them as far away as Perth!  We have also fitted out a few 20ft canoes for expedition paddlers who always enjoy our customisation options!  the 20ft canoes can be fitted out with 1x or 2x sails, outriggers, motor (electric or outboard) and rodholders.  We are happy to do custom outfitting too.


Especially for fishermen- the Bass Catcher 300/Bass Catcher 500/Caninghi



You can fish from any of the Rosco canoes, but we have also designed a range of canoes specifically with the fishermen in mind.  The Bass Catcher canoes have a transom stern which is more efficient for the use of a motor than than the Canadian style canoes.  So if you are mainly going to motor, then a Bass Catcher or a Caninghi are a perfect choice.  They also come with 2x fitted rodholders.


The most popular fishing canoe (apart from the Chief which is also used a lot for fishing) is the Bass Catcher 300 (BC300).  When paddlers are deciding between a BC300 or BC500, they often choose the BC300 because it is smaller (4.3m) and lighter (32kg) than the BC500 (4.63m, 42kg) and it will easily do what they want it to do.  Paddlers who go for the BC500 do so because the carrying capacity is larger (450kg compared to 320kg for the BC300).  The BC500 is also a lot deeper with a huge bow and a lot of flare for a drier ride.  Both canoes have a good keel and a drainage plug.  The Bass Catchers can be fitted out with a sail, motor (electric or outboard or both) outriggers (a minimum single outrigger kit is recommended with motor or swivel seat uses), padded swivel seats, extra rod holders, battery loops, fish finder and tranducer brackets.


The Rosco Caninghi is hands down the most most unique canoe ever designed by Ross Cook.  A cross between a dinghi and a canoe, the Caningi is a luxury canoe with very special features.   The Caninghi is a crowd-puller with a love-it or hate-it reaction from customers.  Take the Caninghi out on the water and the conclusion is unanimous: what a great craft!  

With a width of 1.2m, the Caninghi is super-stable.  Basically, the outriggers are built-in and double as neat storage sections on the inside.  Both these features get the thumbs up from couples who get on the water together because there is no fear of capsizing and you can take all sorts of nicnacs for the trip and keep the inside organised at the same time.  The seats (1x, 2x or 3x) are padded and can be moved to different positions by sliding them along the gunwales.  The Canighi can take an electric motor, an outboard or both!  One of the most fantactis features of the Caninghi are the wheel inserts and wheels which makes getting the canoe in and out of the water extremely effortless.  The Caninghi comes with 2x fitted rodholders, but more can be added if desired.  

The Caninghi can be fitted out in different ways, so please chat to our staff for options to suit your needs.