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transport & storage


Transportation of your canoe or kayak is a primary consideration for the undertaking of this sport. Virtually all of the craft in our store can be carried on the roof of your vehicle and no matter how large, small, high or low your car is, we will have a transporting solution to suit you. Rosco Canoes are roof rack specialists; we are Queensland's top supplier of Thule Roof Racks, which we believe to be of an excellent standard with the best variety of canoe and kayak specific fittings.

What is included in a Roof Rack system?
Most Roof Rack systems include three items, a Bar Pack, a Foot Pack, and a Fit Kit (some vehicles may require 2-4 items depending on the system). The pack will be specifically designed to fit the roof of your vehicle - for more details you can contact us here at Rosco's and we will be able to give you a quote and further advice on the most suitable roofing solutions for your car.

We can also arrange to fit your roof racks here at the showroom for a nominal fee of $50.

What other equipment is needed to transport a kayak/canoe?
For kayaks, particularly fibreglass, you will need a set of kayak cradles which will firmly hold your craft in place and protect the hull in transit. These are recommended for all kayaks over longer journeys on the highways. If you are concerned about lifting your kayak to roof height, we would suggest using the 'Hullivator' or 'Slipstream' add-on kits - these are detailed below. An 'Outrigger' is great for lone paddler when you need an extra set of hands; and for loading more than one craft onto your roof, or to simply conserve space on the roof racks for other gear the 'Hull-a-Port' or 'Kayak Stacker' are both excellent options.

Other useful tools for roof transportation you may find indispensable: the lockable paddle holder 'Geta Grip' and lockable tiedowns from SPT.

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