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Kayak Outfitting

kayak outfitting

kayak seat systems

Although both sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks are designed to be used without extra seating padding, we know that everyone has a different muscle and bone structure - and after a while even the most hardened of paddlers can get a sore bum or lower back! This is where seating systems come in.

For sit ons, the size & shape of the seat and the attachment points are specifically designed by the boat manufacturer. This means you will generally need to choose a seat which is the same brand as your kayak (as others won't necessarily fit). If you have a classic sit-in kayak, there are a lot of different options available so you may wish to consult with us to work out the best seating system for you.

Surf backrest by Palm
Ocean Kayak Comfort Seat

kayak thigh braces

Like riding a horse with the reigns and no saddle, this is akin to paddling a kayak with a paddle and no thigh braces. Conversely, with the right thigh straps you will gain incredible control of directional movement in your kayak - the craft literally becomes an extension of your body which can be easily manoeuvred with a simple tilt of your hips.

With specific mount points on both the braces and your kayak, you will need align your choice to match your brand of kayak.

Raider Kayak Thigh Locks
Ocean Kayak Thigh Straps

general kayak outfitting

Pacific Action Sail 2.2sqm
Pacific Action Sail 1.5sqm
Pacific Action Sail 1.0sqm
Mission Touring Rudder (plastic)
Skeg for TK1
Footrests (no rudder)
Tip Toes Footrests (for rudder)