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Canoe Outfitting

Canoe Accessories

Canoe Outrigger Kits

The addition of a single or double outrigger adapts a mono-hull into a supportive fishing or motoring platform or a trimaran for functional sailing capabilities. Our outriggers are available in single and double formats and in different profile heights to suit specific canoe models and gunnel heights to ensure minimal drag yet maximum support. While the outrigger equipped canoe is stable and supportive, the beauty and simplicity of the design we utilize is that you get your canoe back when you have finished sailing, motoring or fishing. With the outrigger easily removed you have the full functionality of a paddling canoe.

The float(s) are attached to the thwarts present in all Rosco canoe models with robust oversized aluminum outrigger poles available in either a single or double length. Providing the canoe with a wider supportive beam to allow for motoring stabilization, a supportive fishing platform, sailing functionality or a canoe capable of tackling more adverse conditions safely.

We manufacture our outriggers from both polyethylene plastic and fibreglass materials to ensure either maximum durability or to minimize weight for easy transport. Our outriggers do not require any alterations to the canoe, they mount to all Rosco canoe models and all parts required are inclusive in the outrigger kit. After a hard day of sailing or fishing the floats and beams can be detached so that the whole lot will fit easily upon a car roof rack. What more could you want?

Double Fibreglass Outrigger Kit (Large)
Double Fibreglass Outrigger Kit (Small)
Double Plastic Outrigger Kit
Single Fibreglass Outrigger Kit (Large)
Single Fibreglass Outrigger Kit (Small)
Single Plastic Outrigger Kit
Fibreglass Outrigger Float (Large)
Fibreglass Outrigger Float (Small)
Plastic Outrigger Float
Double Outrigger Pole Set
Single Outrigger Pole Set
Outrigger Clamps - Set of 4

Canoe Sailing Kits

At Rosco Canoes we offer a complete canoe sailing kit and accessories designed specifically to suit our canoe range. With custom designed sail rigs to accommodate each canoe size and specific specifications and a full range of accessories, the option is always available to transform your standard canoe into a sailing canoe with the installation of our simple sailing kit. The kits include a mast step, sail rig, and fittings, designed to achieve maximum speed and fantastic fun. When used in conjunction with our outrigger kits you have a stable, fast functional craft that provides a unique alternative to paddling or motoring your canoe. 

We can install the kit for you or you can DIY if you prefer. All mast steps are glassed into our fibreglass canoes or bedded with sikaflex structural adhesive in our Royalex canoes and then secured to the canoe thwart. A Ronstan cam cleat provides simple sail trimming and adjustment. Our mast steps also make the perfect support for a pergola shade umbrella if the wind isn't blowing on the day.

Sail Kit Complete Including Installation
Custom Designed Canoe Sail (Sail Only)
Canoe Mast & Boom Kit
Canoe Mast Step
Ronstan Cam Cleat & Fittings

Canoe Seat Systems

Comfort while out on the water is the most important factor to consider when spending long hours floating down the river or endless afternoons waiting for the next fish to bite. The simple solution is to maximize your seating comfort and back support to ensure a comfortable relaxing day on the water. At Rosco Canoes we have a range of canoe seating and support options that will have you covered whether you are running rivers, motoring to the next destination or lazing downstream on your favorite river bend.

Old Town Sitbacker Seats
Drop In Middle Seat
Built in Middle Seat (All Models)
Swivel seat deluxe

Canoe Motor Brackets & Electric Motors

At Rosco Canoes we have designed a range of canoe outboard motor brackets and accessories to suit our entire fleet of canoes allowing up to a 4HP motor. You won't hear many paddling purist talking about motors and canoes, but judging by the amount of canoe motor brackets we sell, it's becoming a fact of life. The option to combine a motor to cover long distances and the paddle to allow access to hard to reach places ensures that motor functionality is a popular choice for canoeists from families to fishermen, tourers to day trippers.

We offer a range of motor specific canoe designs as well as transom motor brackets to suit all other canoe designs and can custom position battery box and load securing mounts in both fibreglass and Royalex models. We stock the full range of Minn Kota transom mount electric motors and can advise you regarding the correct motor choice for your craft and specific needs. We also either extend or shorten our composite Minn Kota motor shafts to specifically suit the craft design and extend our battery leads to accommodate canoe battery positioning.


So if a "power paddle" sounds like an easy option on the long haul home after a big day on the water, browse our catalogue to find a model to suit your requirements and craft. A great guide for choosing the right Minn Kota motor is found through the link below:



Please note: we do recommend a single outrigger is attached to your craft if you are using a motor.

Minn Kota Endura Freshwater Motor
Minn Kota Riptide 40lb Saltwater Motor
Motor Mount - All canoes
Transom Stern Plate (Installed)
2 x Battery Mounts-Fibreglass