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Dry Bags & E-cases


dry storage

Dry storage for you items is important weather you are on the water for an hour or a week.

We offer a range of dry storage options for canoes including large and small waterproof barrels, and more generally a huge range of dry bags and electronic cases to water storage containers and bladders.

All designed to allow you the peace of mind that in the event of capsize or if the conditions deteriorate you can ensure you equipment is dry, secure and fastened to the craft and is in the same condition at the end of the day as it was when you departed.

It is important to recognize your gear storage needs when purchasing a canoe and keep in mind that equipment stored unsecured and unprotected in your canoe could get wet or be lost if unsecured and not stored in a waterproof container or dry bag.

dry bags

Ice Mule Cooler Dry Bag
SealLine Baja Deck Bag 10L
SealLine Baja Stern Deck Bag - 30L
Sea To Summit Big River Dry Bags
Sea to Summit Stopper Bags
Sea To Summit Dry Sacks
Sea To Summit Compression Dry Sacks
SealLine Baja Bags


Overboard Small Phone Case
Overboard Large Waterproof Phone Case
Overboard Waterproof Multipurpose Case - Small
Overboard Waterproof Multipurpose Case - Medium
Overboard Multipurpose Waterproof Case - Large
Overboard Multipurpose Waterproof Case - Jumbo
Overboard Waterproof Camera Case
Overboard Waterproof GPS / PSP Case
Overboard Waterproof VHF Case – Small
Overboard Waterproof VHF Case – Large
X-treme Protection Cases
Baedal2U The Anything Bin

canoe barrels

Storage Barrel Screw Top 60lt
Storage Barrel Screw Top 30lt
Barrel O-ring