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Rosco History ~ Established 1970


Rosco History

The history of canoes & kayaks is a story of adventure, survival and romance. Both the canoe & kayak have left an indelible mark on the history of the human race. It was not until the 20 th century that the humble canoe & kayak started to become used for other purposes other than survival.

Ross Cook was still only 10 years of age when he built his first canoe in 1955. Inspired by old books of beautiful canoes in spectacular settings he hand built a wood & canvas canoe and joined the Indooroopilly Canoe Club.

In the mid 60’s Ross began his apprenticeship in fibreglassing and continued to develop his paddling skills. Ross was involved with some of the earliest surfboard designs, however his heart & mind was still firmly fixed on the development of Australia’s first Canoe business. In 1968 he designed & built his now famous 16ft canoe from home, it was an immediate success and the orders started to flow.

In 1970, Ross established Rosco Canoes Pty Ltd. Over the following years new models were added to the fleet as canoeing & kayaking grew in popularity. In 1978 we were awarded the Australian Design Award for our entire fleet (5 models) a truly amazing acheivement.

Throughout the 1980’s the industry started to broaden it’s appeal and commercial tour operators appeared on the scene. Rosco became the chosen brand and we were asked to develop a line of Expedition Sea kayaks & large canoes. Both our single & double expeditions became extremely popular and our newly designed 20ft canoe ( still Australia’s largest) was used for many applications across Australia During the 90’s we pioneered new designs such as our exceptionally popular touring bay kayak – the Tidemark series. The fishing fraternity was also looking for a small fishing canoe that could be easily handled and car topped so we developed the Bass Catcher series now one of our most popular models.

Today, Rosco Canoes offers the largest and most diverse range of canoes & kayaks in Australia. Our latest innovations include an elegant lightweight touring paddle; aptly named the “U-Beaut” and we now produce the toughest canoes in the Southern Hemisphere – Royalex Canoes.

It is however the quality of our product that has always set the Rosco craft apart. We only use the very finest materials and our skilled team is always encouraged to think outside the square. We are constantly experimenting with materials to bring you the consumer the very best this industry has to offer….one of our many customers coined the phrase that has been our positioning statement for many years “ simply the best”.

Over the past 40 years Ross Cook has paddled throughout Australia, New Zealand and the North West Territories of Canada. Ross was an accredited senior instructor with Australian Canoeing (no longer assessing) and is still heavily involved and respected within the local paddling scene.



20 Ft Canoe used for Maori festival               Family day trip 

The famous Rosco GREEN MACHINE     The barrell kayak

 Paddling N/West Territories Canada        Ross on the Brissy River

Ross & Allana on the Mann River          Running the Nymbodia River in a 15Ft Canoe  

Another day in the surf                             Ross surfing in the 80's