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Quality Products

The Rosco Difference

It is the quality of our product that has always set the Rosco craft apart. We only use the very finest materials and our skilled team is always encouraged to think outside the square. We are constantly experimenting with materials to bring you the consumer the very best this industry has to offer….

A top quality canoe or kayak can only come from a top quality mold, and at Rosco Canoes, we pride ourselves on our ability to produce and maintain excellent quality molds.

Rosco Canoes generally opts for stronger lay-ups than the norm, while maintaining comparable weight. Like the overall care and quality we put into our products, it's another measure of the craftsmanship that distinguishes Rosco Canoes and kayaks. Please keep in mind if you have any special requirement regarding strength or weight reduction as we are happy to accommodate.

The production process begins by spraying gel coat into a highly polished mold, (separate molds for the hull and deck). After curing the gel coat, resins and cloth layers are meticulously hand-laid into the mold. After a curing period, the mold is opened. The hull and deck are removed, inspected, some initial outfitting is completed, the components are carefully aligned joined and sealed, and the craft is then ready for trimming.

Choosing a Rosco Kayak ensures you are selecting the finest materials and moulds in which to craft your kayak.... the slogan still stands "simply the best".

To back up our belief in the quality workmanship and materials used in the construction of our craft we offer our customers a 5 year warranty on the hull of their craft.