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Woolloongabba, QLD, 4102
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Meet Troy


Troy Cook, Factory Manager, has been working for Rosco

Canoes & Kayaks for 19 years.

Originally a Cabinet maker making counters for Commonweath Banks, Troy

entered the family business in 1996 working in the factory making canoes.

Troy's favourite boat to build is our Scamper Canoe because of its nice lines

and lightweight construction.  Coincidently it is also his favourite boat to paddle.

He loves it because it paddles so nicely with his long beavertail paddle.  Troy

also has an big adventurous streak and loves paddling whitewater kayaks

whenever he can.

The best part about his job is the satisfaction in building a quality product.


The worst part about his job is the wear and tear on his clothes from resin and

the itch from fibreglass dust.  Although new processes in the factory have

reduced the amount of dust generated in the factory now. 


If he could design anything he wanted he reckons it would be a 45' catarmaran

to live on with his family.  As far as paddlecraft go, a range of fibreglass sit-on-tops

is definitely on the cards.  Watch this space... 


Troy's favourite place to paddle is the Nymboida River in NSW, particularly the

Upper Gorge region where he reckons you have the best scenery in Australia. 

The Nymboida is a favourite of whitewater paddlers on the East Coast. 


Finally, what would his dream job be?  Living off the land on

a permaculture farm, preferably somewhere up around 1770 / Agnes Waters.