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Meet Scooby



Scooby the Boat Dog, has been hanging out with the Rosco Showroom

Crew, sleeping behind the counter, greeting customers or boat-hopping

on staff paddles as the mood takes him..


Scooby is an 18month old Jack Russell / Pomeranian cross.  He started tagging along

with his human paddling buddy Dan, and soon became a fixture on weekend shifts and

staff paddles.  The little fella has tendency to boat-hop, usually to whichever kayak is

at the front of the pack.


Scooby's favourite boat is whichever one is out the front - he's got no time for slow pokes

and looking at the back of other kayaks.  He does admit to having a preferance for canoes,

especially if there is a cool spot in the shade of a gunwhale to have a snooze in.

The best part about hanging with the Rosco Crew is getting spoilt by Marjon, chewing up

pingpong balls and meeting customers when he's in the Showroom.  It's also fun playing

hard to get when Troy tries to give him a pat..


The worst part is falling off kayaks!!!  Scooby has had swims off Wellington Point, Brisbane

River, Pine River, Shorncliffe and most recently during the Tingalpa Trot...  Lucky for him he

now has his own lifejacket.  Worse still is getting the blame when Dan falls in.


If he had his way every new Rosco boat would have an in-built dog seat.  Dog's are man's

best friend afterall and he reckons the best paddling buddies (even if they don't paddle).


Scooby's favourite place to paddle is definitely the creeks and estuaries around the Redlands. 

Nothing beats barking at a Brahminy Kite, or a Pluvver, or a lizard, or another dog, or ....


Finally, what would his dream job be??  Hey! I already have it!! Check Scooby out on his

Facebook Page "The Adventures of Boat Dog"