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Meet Mark

Everything you always wanted to know about Mark!

 On a quiet Thursday afternoon we got the opportunity to have a chat with Mark, our weekend team member since last October.  We asked a lot of questions and can now reveal a remarkable insight into his life.

 First of all, Mark does like paddling very much but turns out he likes adventure riding on his BMW 650 Sertao bike even more.  He’s had this beautiful bike since July last year and has already been round Tasmania twice (we think), to Melbourne to visit the grandkids and on heaps of trails in the Glass House Mountains. He also rides it to work when he is not transporting a kayak!  He would like a BMW 1200 GS next, for longer trips further away.

 When Mark is not off riding on his mean machine he does kayak quite a lot.  Mark is currently in training three times a week on Nundah Creek to get fit and fast to compete in the Hawskbury Classic (110km) in October.  He will use his Phoenix K1 kayak for that, but his favourite kayak is the Rosco RX he’s had since ’09.  And at the top of the boat wish list is a Southern Raider, for touring.  Mark sees sharks occasionally out on his paddles, but he is not scared of them.  He does avoid swimming though. 

In addition to his K1 and Raider X, Mark also has a Revolution surf kayak.  His favourite surf break for surf kayaking is Moffat Beach in Caloundra.  He has a great story about the day he cracked several of his ribs and smashed his boat on some rocks, so please ask when you see him next!

 Mark has paddled all over the world, including a magnificent 8 day paddling cruise of a mothership (sounds like space…) in Alaska, Queen Charlotte Sound in NZ, somewhere in Croatia (we have a DVD about paddling in Croatia, oh no, make that French Polynesia, $15 on clearance, call now 3359 9330!), the Keppels, Whit Sundays and Nundah Creek. His next dream destination is Scandinavia (Hur mor du!).

 The Werner Cyprus Carbon 2pce with straight shaft is Mark’s most loved piece of paddling equipment for touring and he also adores his Fenn NO.1 or Epic Midwing paddles.

 As a member of the Sandgate Canoe Club and the Surf Kayak Club (Sunshine Coast), a Level 1 Flat Water Coach, a Kayak Life Guard and running his own paddle courses (Paddle Physics- 0416 061 638 for basic flat water skills, technique correction, training for fitness & racing with video analysis), Mark has many skills.  He would still like to learn how to roll on his off side (left).

 Marks favourite biscuit is a peanut crunchy, which he can sometimes smell from the Arnold’s factory he passes on the way to work.

 His last words of advice to anyone struggling to get motivated to get out and about are: If you don’t use it, you lose it!