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Meet Dan



Dan Owbridge, Retail Assistant, has been working for Rosco

Canoes & Kayaks for 6 months.

After 20 years working as a Mechanical Engineer, Dan decided it was time for a sea-change. 

The decision was made easier when he bought a 15' Chief from Rosco Canoes and fell

in love with the place.  He now says he has a sense of purpose previously missing in his



Dan's favourite boat is the 15' Canoe and, depending on what day of the week it is,

will depend on whether he says it's the Royalex or the Fibreglass.  He reckons the

Chief is his ideal camping boat but the glass boat paddles better solo..


The best part of his job is definitely the demo and hire boats. "It's like my own personal

boat library", he says.  Having the ability to paddle so many different types of craft is a

dream come true for Dan.  And having access to in-house design know how definitely

appeals to the engineer in him.


The worst part about is job is hearing all the stories people tell about paddling expeditions. 

Dan's bucket list of paddling destinations would rival Santa's Naughty and Nice list!!  Just

ask his long suffering wife about it...


If he could have Rosco design any craft it would be a light weight 15' or 16' canoe.  He

loves the versatility of open canoes and the way Rosco Canoes glide on the water and

reckons the only improvement would be to make them a little lighter to carry between

water holes.


Dan's favourite place to paddle is the Brisbane River, or the Noosa River, or maybe the

Southern Bay Islands, or what about.... Ahh so many places too little time.  His next

expedition is a trip down the Mary from Kenilworth to the Mouth.  And then well, who knows..


Dan's constant companion on all his paddling adventures is his faithful sidekick, Scooby the

Boat Dog.  He has been taking him paddling since he came to live with Dan's family 12 months

ago.  Or is that Scooby is taking Dan, we're not sure which way around it actually is??


Finally, what would his dream job be??  Easy, getting paid to bring about the resurgance of

canoe paddling in Australia!!  Kind of like what he's doing now???